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Yomari Corner

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Lazimpat, Kathmandu

Yomari has an important role in Newari Community in Nepal. The Local Newars of Panauti are credited in integrating Yomari and their culture which became known as Yomari Purne. The Food itself is mainly consumed during winters as it increases body temperature and special occasions in the Newar Community such as Nidapuni, celebration of 2 years completion of a child. Yomari itself is a kind of dumpling made out of rice in a rounded cone shape. The fillings used are Chaku and Khuwa heated in a steamer for about 15-20 minutes.
Motivated by its deep rooted culture and tradition and with an aim of promoting local handmade and homemade food, Yomari Corner Lazimpat was established by like minded childhood friends in June, 2019. Initially it started with a small live counter in Lazimpat for light snacks and economical prices. Further research, experiments and personal trials lead to development of Frozen Yomari in several distinct preferences. Yomari Corner is the first outlet to venture into Frozen Yomari Products and has already began distribution of Frozen Yomari in Kathmandu. Its operations are based in Lazimpat and are expanding its sales and distribution points in various areas of Kathmandu. It promotes healthy food options for its consumers and is prepared by hand using home recipes.
Yomari Corner operates in three areas. Live Sales, Online orders and distribution of Frozen Yomari. Its commitment to all its consumers is that it will always remain an environment friendly family run business, promote healthy food, support women with economical challenges, adhere to its handmade and homemade concept and guided by its vision of “ Ghar Gharma Yomari”.

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Cuisine : Newari, Nepali & Local
Speciality : Yomari
Extra Service Charge : No
Extra VAT : No
Opening Timings : 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Minimum Order : 400.00
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