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Tasneem's Kings Kitchen

Rated 3/5 out of 10 votes.

Damkal Chowk, Lalitpur


Tasneem’s Kings Kitchen
TKK is a joint effort of Tasneem who started out with home catering in Kathmandu and soon joined hands with Abbas Nalwala who runs Kings Kitchen, Mumbai’s leading Bohra caterer. They Bring to you authentic Bohra Muslim cuisine that is 100% halal, cooked in traditional dum pukht style. Their authentic cuisine and warm hospitality makes them favorites of many people.
They take pride in their Biryani. If you have not tried their Biryani, you have not Tried Biryani at all!.

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Cuisine : Indian
Speciality : Bohra Muslim 'dum pukht'
Extra Service Charge : Yes
Extra VAT : Yes
Opening Timings : 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Minimum Order : 400.00
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