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Reasons to order with Foodmandu

No Time for Lunch!
You have meetings, appointments, and deadlines to meet today which means you are too busy to go out for lunch. With Foodmandu in town, you don't have to starve all day. Your lunch will be delivered wherever you are!

Traffic Jams and Parking Problem in Town!
You get out of your office at 1 p.m. your lunch hour, but you are shocked to see that it's already 1:30 by the time you reach the restaurant. Isn't it annoying to find the traffic jams in town killing your precious time? Anyway, you reach the restaurant; you pull over at the restaurant's parking lot only to find no space for parking. Frustrating? Isn’t it? Why go through so much trouble for a simple lunch? Foodmandu is here to make it very easy for you.

Tired after office
It’s been a hectic day at work, you aren’t in the mood and don’t have the energy to cook your food and visit the restaurant. Foodmandu has made it all easy, just log on to foodmandu.com or give us a call to get your food delivered to you.

Party/Gathering/Celebrations at Home
Are you planning a party or a get together at your home? Do you want to serve your guests a variety of dishes just like your favorite restaurants in the town offer you? Through Foodmandu, you can order food from the best restaurants in town.

Do not drink & drive
Every time you go to a restaurant, you can't resist having a glass and you don't want to get in trouble. You can now create the restaurant at your home. Call up your friends, get your favourite drink and order food using Foodmandu!

You forgot your spouse's birthday
Why was your wife angry with you from the moment she woke up? Did you do something wrong? You just checked your calendar and realized it's her birthday. Hurry up and order Foodmandu, you can always tell her you were planning a surprise!

No Reasons!
You are feeling nothing in particular today; it's just a boring day. Spice it up, order food using Foodmandu and have a party for no reason.

It's bright sunny day, you are feeling jolly from the moment you woke up. Make the day even better; make Foodmandu a part of it.

You are having a bad day, feeling sad, gloomy and miserable; you need something to brighten it up. Remember Foodmandu? The multi-restaurant food delivery service? Use it when you need it...

When should you order from Foodmandu? It's a good question...Why not now?!